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Project Life

I am all together, absolutely, positively, completely, thoroughly, utterly EXCITED about the Project Life kit that I just purchased!!

Project Life - Turquoise Edition

To find out more about Project Life click here.



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sNoW dAy!!

This past week we had the best snow day ever!

We played games, watched a movie, warmed up by the fire and made yummy snacks!

My favorite thing that we did was snuggle up & 3 old books that I had made in elementary school.

Each book was from a different grade, starting in first grade.

I remember making them and being AMAZED that they were “real” hard cover books!

We had such a cozy afternoon, piled under covers reading each book…

Sun streaming in the windows…

*Have I mentioned I love this little dude?!?!
I am so lucky to be his Mom!*

He thought the books were awesome and now he wands to make his very own hardcover book!
Now this Mama has some homework to do!
Anyone know where I can get a blank hardcover book?

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Day #13 & #14 ~ Getting Organized Challenge

I am having a blast with this 21 day organizing challenge!
Not only that but I’m loving the motivation & freedom that getting organized brings!

We recently moved to our “new” home & we are currently remodeling it.
Since we are under construction I ran into a little trouble on day 13 &14…
Day #13- Medicine Cabinet: This house doesn’t actually have a medicine cabinet so there is no need to organize it!
Day #14-Under The Bathroom Sink: The bathroom vanities are about to be torn out because they
are in such bad shape…therefore nothing is stored in them right now. I am  so excited for these nasty cabinets to be torn out & replaced!

I’ll still participate in the 21 Day challenge when it applies to me but some days I’ll have to pass since certain areas are under construction.
I’m looking forward to the next challenge!
Happy organizing to everyone!

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Day #12 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Spice Cabinet)

Back on Day #5 I was supposed to clean under the sink but since that cabinet was empty I decided to organize my spice cabinet.

Little did I know that on Day#12 the challenge would be to organize the spice cabinet!


So now I’m just re-posting from Day #5 but I am very proud to say that my spice cabinet is STILL just as organized as it was on day #5!

So here it is one more time…




My spice/seasoning cabinet…

Here it is packed full with very little ZERO organization:

I pulled everything out, removed things that could be tossed or relocated & sorted what was left.

I even broke out the label maker for this challenge!

Here it is a little emptier but fully ORGANIZED!!!


Day #10 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Laundry Room/closet)

Over the holidays my washer & dryer became a major hot spot for clutter!




*Don’t worry the dark paneling is going to be removed as part of our remodel! Unfortunately, the laundry area will have to wait it’s turn until we’ve finished the larger remodeling projects.

I’m loving all of this organization!

To find out more about the 21 Day Challenge visit A Bowl Full Of Lemons