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Thanksgiving Placecards & Centerpieces

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This year I made place cards for our Thanksgiving feast.We hosted the big day at our house with nearly 20 of our closest family & friends! I had a lot of fun making the place cards and I am already thinking of how I want to do it next year. No place card was alike and I tried to reflect a little bit of the personality of the person I made the card for.

The weather was so beautiful we were able to have it on our back deck, pilgrim style! It was the first time we’ve ever eaten outside for Thanksgiving but it was such a hit that we plan on doing it next year as well(weather permiting!).Eating outside means you can’t have light centerpieces that will blow over or fly away.So this year we opted for mason jars with tealights and mini pumpkins.I got a major deal on the pumpkins! After Halloween I found them for $1/bag (a bag held 5 pumpkins)! I’ve collected a number of different mason jars over the years so it was nice to put them to use.I filled the jars with a little bit of sand and rocks, along with a single tealight.We did have to put rocks under the place cards so  the little bit of wind that we had didn’t send them flying.

*I do realize I am posting this in December (it’s not exactly fall anymore) but it took me this long to recover from Thanksgiving. Now that I’ve recovered I can finally blog about it! 😉


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