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Evidently I like to paint under pressure…

or maybe I like avoiding my mile long To-Do list…

or perhaps I just need to relax and a painting project would to the trick…

well for whatever reason I decided to take on a little painting project 3 days before my 20 Thanksgiving guests arrived!

Did I really have time for this project?

Nope, but sometimes I need to step away from all the To-Do lists and do something I enjoy !

Scrubbing floors and toilets could wait!

I failed to take a before picture(grrr) but here is the after pic…

Large Frame (23″x 29″): $1 from a flea market *previously unfinished wood.

Star Candle Holder: $3 at Home Goods *previously dark brown witch blended into the black iron stand.

Canoe Paddle: $5 at a flea market *previously without the 34.

After I painted everything I hit them with sandpaper to give them each a more distressed look.

The paddle turned out to be my favorite! I offset the two numbers so they didn’t look too perfect.

By distressing the numbers to matched the condition of the paddle, it made it look like the numbers were originally a part of it…

Reminding me of the canoe rentals in northern Minnesota.


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