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Day #13 & #14 ~ Getting Organized Challenge

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I am having a blast with this 21 day organizing challenge!
Not only that but I’m loving the motivation & freedom that getting organized brings!

We recently moved to our “new” home & we are currently remodeling it.
Since we are under construction I ran into a little trouble on day 13 &14…
Day #13- Medicine Cabinet: This house doesn’t actually have a medicine cabinet so there is no need to organize it!
Day #14-Under The Bathroom Sink: The bathroom vanities are about to be torn out because they
are in such bad shape…therefore nothing is stored in them right now. I am  so excited for these nasty cabinets to be torn out & replaced!

I’ll still participate in the 21 Day challenge when it applies to me but some days I’ll have to pass since certain areas are under construction.
I’m looking forward to the next challenge!
Happy organizing to everyone!


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