Snap Happy Mama

Day #10 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Laundry Room/closet)


Over the holidays my washer & dryer became a major hot spot for clutter!




*Don’t worry the dark paneling is going to be removed as part of our remodel! Unfortunately, the laundry area will have to wait it’s turn until we’ve finished the larger remodeling projects.

I’m loving all of this organization!

To find out more about the 21 Day Challenge visit A Bowl Full Of Lemons





2 thoughts on “Day #10 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Laundry Room/closet)

  1. Hi, Kait! I want me some wrinkle relaxer. 🙂 For some reason, I totally forgot you have this blog now. Todd reminded me the other day. I’m very impressed by all your projects! You go girl! Oh, and that washer and dryer… I can still remember how fun it was to do our laundry in those… Post some pictures of your new house! xoxox

  2. Great organization found you via bowl full of lemons I was looking for laundry room inspiration!

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