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Day #8 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Coat Closet)

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It’s Day#8 and there is still plenty to organize in this house!

Here is our small itty-bitty coat closet.

We joke that we can fill this closet by only putting one coat in it!

Seriously people check out the width of this baby…

Oh, and please don’t have tape measure envy- it’s only the finest in this house! ūüėČ

We are in the process of remodeling this house (hence the lack of trim & ugly door) and we haven’t decided what we will do with this strange tiny closet.

Any ideas people?

It could¬†definitely¬†use some white paint and a fresh new shelf to¬†freshen¬†it up a bit (that is if I don’t just tare the whole thing out).

For now some decluttering & organizing is all the effort I am pouring into this space.

Anyways, back to the project!

Of course over time we have jammed this closet ¬†full with more than one coat, a pile of games, small tool bag, air filters, window blinds we aren’t using, jackets we don’t use anymore, etc.

To be rid of this mess I followed the steps over at A Bowl Full of Lemons and this is
what it looks like now…


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