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Creating A Personalized Calendar

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When was the last time something came in the mail for you and it caused you to jumped up and down with excitement??

For me it had been a while…

Ok, maybe it had been years…

But last week I literally did jump up and down when my new calendar arrived in the mail!!

I’ll explain.

This year I was determined to go online & make a personalized calendar.

I had tried to create one in the past but the themes always seemed too cheesy or the program took ages to work.

So, for the past 2 years that type of problem had caused me give up.

This year I was determined to finally find a site that could help me make the calendar I’d been day dreaming about!

That’s when I found Mixbook!

No I don’t work for Mixbook and I certainly  don’t get any perks for giving them such a rave review.

I am just a happy thoroughly happy customer!!

The program on their site worked flawlessly.

Uploading, adding,  removing & resizing pictures only took seconds instead of 10 minutes per change.

I could pick a theme to start with but then tweak details to make it “mine”.

I was able to personalize each family member’s birthday/anniversary by putting a picture of them on that day! (coolest feature ever!)

Not only that but I could add stickers or text wherever I wanted to.

I could change the layouts to work with the photos I had to work with.

Here is this month…

After it arrived in the mail I STILL continued to be impressed!

I had been afraid the pages might turn out to be thin/cheap but they weren’t!

The materials were definitely high quality.

Everything was just like I had designed it online & now I am one happy calendar owner!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life!

So if you are thinking about making your own calendar I bet you know who I would recommend!


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