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Day #2 ~ Getting Organized Challenge


It’s Day #2 of the Getting Organized Challenge!
I am totally energized about getting more organized!
The challenge today was to organize the top of your computer desk.
This poor desk has been seriously neglected and overworked so it certainly deserved some attention.
This is our primary family computer (although we do have a laptop).
My husband uses this area to do all of his company paperwork & computer work.
Our little boy uses it a couple times a week to play computer games.
I use this area to blog, pay bills, go through mail, find recipes, email & check out all the inspiring blogs out in blogisphere.

I feel like I’m trying to prepare you for what you are about to see but I better just cut to the pictures.


EEEEEEEEWWW!! Not a pretty site! Certainly not inspiring!

I was surprised at all I found…
2 turkey feathers(why?!), 4 hair ties, a hair clip, a timer, keys, pictures, receipts, a fingernail clipper, a printer cartridge and loads of other stuff that was just plain old trash!

I decided to trade trade our old black pen holder with this one…

Isn’t she cuter? I love the green & the pop of color it brings to the black desk.

Time to see the results…
Drumroll please!!


Again let me remind you what it came from…


I sure looks better to me!
To find out more about this challenge visit A Bowl of Lemons & don’t forget to join in the fun!


4 thoughts on “Day #2 ~ Getting Organized Challenge

  1. Well done! Pretty desk!

  2. Great job! I love the green pen holder, I am absolutely obsessed with this color right now!! 🙂

  3. I have the same desk! Ha! I love the new pen holder:)

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