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Day #1 Challenge (Organizing the “junk” drawer)


Today is Day #1 Challenge (Organizing the “junk” drawer) over at  A Bowl Full Of Lemons.

I chose this drawer because it’s been making me pull my hair out for weeks!
I thought it was because of all the cooking that I’ve been doing this holiday season but the truth of the matter is it’s just WAY too much stuff!
I simply had NOT taken the time to  remove what I don’t need & organize what’s left…UNTIL TODAY! 🙂



My Donate Box:

If you want to take the challenge then go visit A Bowl Full Of Lemons.


4 thoughts on “Day #1 Challenge (Organizing the “junk” drawer)

  1. Thats a great example of using your donation box! Thanks so much for posting.

  2. We are hosting “Operation Organization” over at Sassy Sites this month too! I would love to have you come over and link up with us!


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