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Have I mentioned that I am married to Mr.Fix-It? Well, Mr. Fix-It not only fixes things, he builds things too!  Mr.Fix it is actually a cabinet maker by trade . There are lots of perks to being married to a man who loves to build things but sometimes our “to-build” list exceeds our free time.  To give credit to Mr.Fix-It, this is not a case of  “the cobbler’s kids never have shoes” (is that how that saying  goes?).  He has been amazing at building us whatever we need… I’m starting to sound a bit spoiled so maybe I’ll switch gears &  just show you some pictures.

This is a tall bookcase that Mr.Fix-It made for me recently. I designed it & he built it! This project was very cheap since he made it from existing scraps he had from other jobs. Since we planned on painting the bookcase the type of wood we used could vary.



I think  Mr.Fix-It did a mighty fine job!  It certainly was better than the tiny bookshelf it replaced (I forgot to snap a pic of it- can you believe that?). The cubbies are incredibly handy! We can each have our own cubby to store magazines, library books etc. The upper shelves are adjustable so they can move when we rearrange things.

Good looking & it  provides storage galore!!


4 thoughts on “Storage Galore

  1. Hi,
    It’s beautiful. I love the blue in the background and it looks so much sturdier and better made than something you would get from Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrell. Kudos to your man.

  2. Thank you for the compliments Kim! I will make sure to relay the kudos to my hubby. I’m so glad we went for the blue background & didn’t shy away from it!

  3. Found you from BlogFrog,
    would love you to get visit from you.
    Have a nice day,

    Thanks for follow my blog,

  4. Its beautiful and I love the blue as well!

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